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Mar 21, 2013 1:40am PDT
face a lawsuit. abc's bob woodruff has her story. >> reporter: it is the fastest growing segment of the beverage industry, energy drinks with high sugar and caffeine content. when nutritionist deborah kennedy publish a newsletter telling parents of elementary school children they should never allow energy drinks and they're dangerous and children have died from drinking them. monster fired back with a cease and desist letter as she tells dr. oz in an interview set to air next tuesday. >> basically said i have to retract the statement or they will threaten to sue me. i am a mom with two young kids. i think it is atrocious. >> reporter: dr. bob arnett is the company's medical consultant. >> keep in mind there is no evidence it caused any of this at all. >> reporter: what deborah kennedy was referring to was a highly publicized lawsuit claiming a 14-year-old, had died of cardiac arrhythmia caused by caffeine toxicity after she consumed two 24 ounce cans of the drink. monster denies any responsibility in her death. she also had an underlying heart condition. no link has been proven. >>
Mar 20, 2013 1:40am PDT
ahead to the future. don't miss bob woodruff's special report coming up. >> later on, the on again/off again romance of katy perry and john mayer. their personal life can make interesting song lyrics weaned may have the final verse in "the skinny". >>> firsz, the details in the foiled plot to kill students at a university campus in florida. >> police say the gunman came dangerously close to carrying out his planned massacre until his roommate took incredibly brave action. abc's matt gutman is in orlando. >> reporter: the first video from police cameras, tracking down a would-be killer, body mounted cameras showing cops with assault rifles discovered the body of the gunman along with his arsenal of mass murder. in the background, that fire alarm. police say the shooter set it out so he could get students in the hallway and slaughter them. the suspected shooter pulled this fire alarm down, went back into his unit here, then he grabbed his guns and went after one of his roommates who fled into the bathroom. that roommate called 911. >> my roommate just pulled a fire alarm and he's got
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2